A Pink Slip is a safety inspection report that proves the roadworthiness of the Vehicle in NSW. Our qualified team of pink slips Minto inspection mechanics at Minto Total Car Service Can expertly provide a pink slip inspection service which includes authoried report check and pink slip inspection station service. We carry Pink Slip Minto using only the quality replacement parts for any genuine repair requirement.

The modern Minto Total Car Service is the authorized workshop having licensed mechanics to provide pink slip services and this workshop is running for many years provided many pink slips for lighter vehicles we also offer all the mechanical repairs, transmission repairs and log book services.

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Light vehicle safety checks

What type of safety check do I need?

New registrations or interstate vehicle registration transfers

  • Vehicle identity and safety check.
  • Valid for 28 days.
  • Attend an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station.


All renewals of registration or transfer of registration within NSW

  • Vehicle safety check.
  • Valied for 42 days.
  • Attend a light vehicle Authorised Safety Check Inspection Station (ASCIS).

Authorised safety check stations

Authorised Safety Check Inspection Station (ASCIS)


  • Vehicle safety check (previously pink slip).
  • Vehicle design check for the clearance of defect notices (previously white slip).
  • Safety check report for renewing light vehicle registration.